Global physical analysis

Mehernaaz recommends a complete diagnosis of your muscles and joints – tensions and weaknesses, through ORTHOPAEDIC TESTS. Along with a complete history of your medical condition – past and present. Based on the tests and medical history, the results will be explained to you in detail.

Muscle and Joint Tests and a personal interview are highly recommended to clients before starting group or private classes. However, they are not compulsory.




Understand which muscles are tight and weak


Choose the best exercises to adapt to your body and your posture


Rebalance muscles and a balanced posture


The program of exercises is based on the result of diagnosis which allows to target correctly


More effective results


Mehernaaz can thus prepare your tailor-made exercise program


Prevention or reduction of muscle and joint pain


Assessment = Tests + Medical History + Results
(possible to divide into two sessions – duration approximately 4 hours in total)

Price: CHF 450.- *
Travel costs of CHF 20.- for home assessments

* For those insured, a period of 10 mins at CHF 20.- is charged as administrative charges for the first subscription only

Payment terms:

Please note that cancellation of appointments must be done 48 hours in advance, otherwise they will be charged. Thank you for your understanding.

Seasonal subscriptions cover a defined period of time. Missed classes are neither refunded nor postponed.

Any registration confirmed by email or telephone message will be due and final, if it is not cancelled by the same channel within 7 (seven) days of confirmation.

Payments to be kindly made within 7 (seven) days from the date of confirmation for private, semi-private and group classes. Thank you for your understanding.